Over 500 School District Professional Development Trainings

BreakoutEDU (TIES)

Drones, Aviation & GPS/GIS (Devils Lake)

 Digital Dumpster Diving (Fall Educators Conference)

BreakoutEDU (NDATL)

 Maker Opportunities (NDATL)

Tips & Tricks of Office 365 (NDCEL)

BreakoutEDU (NDRA)

BreakoutEDU (MDEC)

BreakoutEDU (BPS EdCamp)

Digital Dumpster Diving (ISTE)

Digital Dumpster Diving (TIE)

MakerDays (Statewide)

50 iPad Tips in 50 Minutes (YCC)

iPad Apps for Formative Assessment (YCC)

Using Twitter as a Professional Tool (YCC)

Creating Infographs for Class Content (YCC)

Digital Dumpster Diving (TIES 15)

Tools for Formative Assessment (AdvancED/Learning Forward)

Formative Assessment Tools (NESC)

A Space to Make (NDATL)

Digital Dumpster Diving (MDEC Fall Conference)

 Google Hangouts (Keynote|Google Day)

 Engaging Learning with Augmented Reality (Google Day)

 Best of the Chrome Web Store (Google Day)

 Intro to Chromebooks (Google Day)

 Google Docs (Google Day)

Tech Tools for the Classroom (NDCTE)

Using Twitter as a Professional Tool (NDCEL | Summer Conference)

Digital Dumpster Diving (NDCEL | Summer Conference)

Office 365 (Metro Tech Camp)

Digital Dumpster Diving (Metro Tech Camp)

Fly Outside of the Classroom (NDRA)

Free Elementary Online Reading Resources (NDRA)

Digital Dumpster Diving (TIE)


Using Twitter as a Professional Tool (TIES  14)

Tailor Your Personal Learning with Social Media (Keynote|Learning Forward)

Ignite Talk – Positive Relationships (NDATL)

Digital Library for Formative Assessment (NDATL)

Office 365 (NDATL)

Using Social Media to Differentiate Your Professional Learning (AdvancED)

Energize Your Professional Learning (AdvancED)

     Connected Classrooms (ND Google Summit)

Best of the Web Chrome Store (ND Google Summit)

Demo Slam (ND Google Summit)

Bring Learning to “Life” with Augmented Reality (Summer Tech Camp)

Connected Classrooms (Summer Tech Camp)

Creator of EduSlam (NDATL)

Bring Learning to “Life” with Augmented Reality ( TIE 14)

Resources to Implement the Common Core (ACTE Region V)

     Using Twitter to Create a Personal Learning Network (ACTE Region V)

Using Twitter as a Professional Tool (TNT)