I Do My Best Thinking In The Shower

Today will be the day I start a series of reflective blog posts that are shared every Friday.  I started this because of some thought in the shower and from my good friend’s tweet below that same morning:

And I followed up on twitter as:

I entitled this post: I do my best thinking in the shower, because I honestly do.  I’m not sure if there is a reason to my reflective, in-depth thinking during my morning shower but I am

3761877701_758996b3e4_ocertain that it happens very morning. Most of the time I think about education because I have a great passion for kids. If you think about it, every educator became an educator because they have a love for kids.  Plain and simple, no more-no less; period!  This love for kids makes me wake up every morning motivated to create a better learning experience than yesterday.

Each day this week, in the shower of course, I came back to one main topic.  Kids.  I feel that the kids of our classrooms today should get our best.  If each of us, as educators, are not giving our best, we are stealing from our kids’ learning.  I believe it was Kevin Honeycutt that said, “I’d fist fight the devil for kids.”  I am right there with Kevin on this statement.  We, as educators, need to fight for our kids as they need our best every day.

The best thing about being an educator is that it matters and the hardest thing about being an educator is that it matters every day!  I believe as teachers, superintendents, paraprofessionals, specialists, anyone working with kids should make it their goal to assess themselves on student achievement.

Every time I do a training for teachers I ask myself a couple questions. And those question are: How will this training help the educators here integrate new content and How will this training help student engagement and/or achievement.  The end all reason for all we do in our profession is for our kids.

Thank you all for reading my first reflective post and also to your dedication to our kids.  I look forward to my morning showers and reflecting for future Friday posts!



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