Personal Learning Network

I define a Personal Learning Network or PLN as a community that you surround yourself with that takes your learning to another level.  Many people probably think I am online 24/7 but this is simple untrue.  I make time to connect with my PLN on Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Facebook because in the long run this saves me time to learn new things.  Although it is hard at times, I can “power off” and get some sleep now and again.

The reason I created a PLN was simple, to grow professionally.  I know if I grow more professionally, I have to ability to be a resources to teachers and students that I connect with.  Just like the image below, I believe it really isn’t about how you connect but more about who you connect with.  I choose to connect on this blog, twitter, and all of the sites listed on the side bar to the left.  I highly encourage you to get connected to other educators that are doing the same thing you are on any platform you are comfortable with.  I hope to connect with as many engaged educators with inspiring idea as I can.

One easy way to get connected is to sign up on Twitter and participant in #ndedchat every Wednesday night at 9pm central time.  If you want to know more about #ndedchat check out this blog post.  I hope to connect with you soon!



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