How To Participate In #ndedchat

#ndedchat is a Twitter chat that takes place every Wednesday evening at 9pm central time.  Jeremy Holkup and I started #ndedchat in the hopes we could increase educational discussion around the state of North Dakota.  Everyone is welcome outside of ND but we really would like to hear from the educators that are doing awesome things within our home state.  Below are some things to get you familiar with Twitter chats and #ndedchat.  I encourage you to join in the discussion as inspiring ideas are shared each week.

How to follow #ndedchat:

  1. Use Twitter –> (FREE)
  2. Use Twubs –> (FREE)
  3. Use Tweetdesk –> (FREE)
  4. Use Hootsuite –> (FREE)
Moderators and Participants:
  1. Moderators are people that create the questions and moderate the #ndedchat.
  2. Participants are people that answer the questions and interact with others during the conversation.
  3. Moderators will tweet out questions starting at 9pm CST each Wednesday and use Q1, Q2 … at the beginning of each questions.
  4. Participants should respond with A1, A2 … at the beginning of their tweet to correspond with the questions.
  5. Everyone should use the hashtag #ndedchat with all of your tweets.  This allows anyone following the #ndedchat to see your tweet.
  • e.g. Q1: How do you use tech in your classroom? #ndedchat
  • e.g. A1: I use Remind101 to communicate with students/parents #ndedchat
  1. #ndedchat is archived at Tagboard.
For more information on Twitter and how to use it, check some of my blog posts:


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