Remind101 is one of the best educational apps there is right now for educators.  Communicating with students and parents is simple, yet effective with the help of Remind101.  This great, FREE app can be used with elementary students and parents up to high school.  I recently connected with the Remind101 team on Twitter and they are awesome, focused people.  I really believe that Remind101 can be an educational, teacher to student/parent, communication gamechanger.  My daughter is currently entering her 1st year of preschool and I told her teacher about Remind101 and she signed up that night.  I can’t wait to get reminders from her.

Check out Remind101’s YouTube Channel for quick tutorials and helpful hits on how to make Remind101 work best for your class.  Below is a quick video about Remind101 and the 10 ways I believe Remind101 can be used by educators.

10 ways educators can use Remind101

  1. Field Trip Reminders
  2. Homework or Study Reminders
  3. Positive Feedback Messages
  4. Update if School is Canceled
  5. Picture Day Reminder
  6. Message to Parent about Student
  7. Parent/Teacher Conference Reminders
  8. Question of the Day
  9. Remind other Team Members of Meetings
  10. PTO Reminders


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