Back to School – Give Kids the Web

It is August and school will be starting soon.  I hope you all have a great first couple of days of school and to help with that here is my Back to School Pinterest board.  My message in this post is simple, “give kids the web.”  Students today need to be connected and learning doesn’t stop when school is out.  I encourage you to use the web this year and increase the ties to technology in your classroom.  Technology does not need to be integrated with every lesson but technology does engage kids to help find the importance with the content presented.  Below is a great Calvin and Hobbes comic that relates to starting a new school year.

I challenge you to use a new technology tool with your class this year.  Here are a couple ways for you to connect your students to the web.

Make coloring pages come alive

Explore the world using virtual field trips

Explore the Ocean and other points of interest

Flip your classroom with TED-Ed

Students create classroom procedures

Introduce programming to students

Use a different type of quiz (no grading papers!)

Communicate easily with parents and students

Create visual ideas

Web Tools 2.0 (Student Edition)

Web Tools 2.0 (Teacher Edition) 

Below is quick video that highlights what students can do with the web when given the opportunity.



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