The Ingredients of a Tweet

Twitter is such an amazing educational tool but it can be a little confusing to someone using it for the first time.  Below is my ingredients of a tweet.  Please note that this tweet came from  I also use applications like Tweetbot, HootSuite, and TweetDeck and certain things may be in different locations.

1: Avatar – A picture/logo of the person or company sending the Tweet.
2: Full Name – The real name of the real person behind the Tweet.
3: Mention of Username – When the “@” is in front of a word you are mentioning another Twitter user.
4: Twitter Username – The name of the person as known by on Twitter. This could be the same as your real name or different.
5: Tweet Text – Words in the Tweet.
6: Date/Time of Tweet – This will give you the date of the Tweet.  If the Tweet is made within 24 hours a time will display here.
7: Link – No matter how long a link is, Twitter will use the first 20 characters.  You can also use a URL shortener like
8: Linked Account for Saving – You can link applications like Pocket to quickly save tweets and links for later reading.
9: More – Here you can email a Tweet to someone and/or copy the embed code to embed the Tweet in a website.
10: Favorite – You can also “Favorite” tweets for later reading.  You can favorite tweets to save them quickly and simply unfavorite them if you don’t want to save them anymore.
11: Retweet – Here is a way you to share a Tweet from someone else to your followers. If you put “RT” in front of the Tweet text that means Re-Tweet.
12: Reply – When you replay it a Tweet. The “@” symbol and the Twitter username will be included at the beginning of your Tweet.
13: Hashtag – Hashtags help organize a Tweet. Using them can help others who are not following you find your content.  Please search the hashtag #ndedchat or join us on Wednesday evening at 9pm CST to discuss educational issues.
14: RT – The “RT” in front of the text means Re-Tweet. This is saying you did not tweet this but wanted to retweet it to your followers.

Hopefully now you will be able to add some new ingredients to your own tweets!


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