“Change the World” – Adam Bellow

I usually post some type of educational resource that teachers can use within the classroom but for this post I wanted to share the closing keynote presentation by Adam Bellow at the 2013 ISTE conference.  I am sharing this video because I believe we (educators) need to change the world.  “Change the World” was the title of Adam’s keynote and he hit some very important topics facing education today.  A quote that stuck out to me was, “Since I was 3, I’ve wanted to change the world, so I became a teacher, because teachers do that every day.”  I believe this is so powerful and so true.  Please take some time to watch this unbelievable presentation and share it with those who have not seen or heard Adam’s message.

Adam’s keynote is embedded below.  Please stroll to minute 22 as this is when Adam takes the stage.



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