I recently subscribed to the STEMbite YouTube channel produced by Andrew Vanden Heuvel.  I began following Andrew on Twitter when I read one of Erin Klein‘s tweets.  I connected with Andrew as I was the 100th subscriber to his STEMbite YouTube channel, and even send me a new pair of glasses, a sweet pair of holographic diffraction grating glasses that is!  Andrew produces awesome, quick, and engaging videos with the help of Google Glass.  I really like what the STEMbite channel represents and what Andrew continues to create.  I highly encourage you to follow Andrew and Erin on Twitter along with subscribing to the STEMbite YouTube channel.  If I was a science, math, or any educator in the classroom I would use these videos to “hook” students into a certain unit or lesson. The video embedded below is one of Andrew’s most current videos, enjoy!



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