The new Google Maps

A new version of Google Maps is coming and I got an invitation to use the new version. I got this invite by applying to the new Google Maps site.  With this new version of Google Maps you will find many features that make mapping easier.  The video embedded below will tell you all about the new Google Maps.

If you want to get guaranteed access to the new version and learn all about how to use it, take Google’s free course Mapping With Google.  Mapping with Google will be offered from June 10 – June 24. It is a self-paced, online course where you will watch videos and apply the skills you learn.  During this course, you will be able to collaborate with a worldwide community of learners and experts in the class forum, Hangouts, and via Google+.  The course does offer the option to use your new skills to complete projects to earn a certificate and its all for FREE!  A video embedded below is an overview about Mapping with Google.



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