LearnZillion, in my opinion, is one of the best sites to help educators align assignments to the Common Core State Standards. LearnZillion provides thousands of FREE video lessons that cover math and language arts from grade 3 to grade 9.  There is also an iPad app that students can use.  Once an educators logs into LearnZillion, he or she can view 6 quick and informative videos that gives great background to this site.  Creating classes, adding students, and finding/assigning lessons on LearnZillion are all very easy.  When students log into LearnZillion, they get an enrollment code that they will need to access the site.  I really like the Common Core Navigator (image below), this makes for an easy search for certain lessons.

LearnZillion’s help section is very informative and resourceful and the YouTube Channel is a great place to access all videos.  I encourage you to use LearnZillion in your classroom!



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