Pic Collage

Pic Collage is a great iPad app that allows students to create a poster-like picture.  With Pic Collage students can use their own photos along with photos from the web.  These photos can be used as backgrounds or embedded within the collage.   Text and certain stickers can also be added.  With Pic Collage students can change the frame and/or background to fit the message they want to get across.  Pic Collage’s website –> http://pic-collage.com has a Pinterest look as it, as it displays the featured collages from around the world.  You can connect Pic Collage to certain social medias like Facebook and Twitter.  Sharing students Pic Collage can be emailed, posted of social media, or saved to the photo library.  I really like Pic Collage and all grade levels/subject areas could easily use it for a creative project or a formative assessment.  If you want to download this app just click on the icon or hyperlinked text.  And the best part, its FREE!

Below is my quickly made Pic Collage.



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