Virtual Field Trips & Tours

Virtual field trips can be an awesome experience for a classroom.  Virtual tours gives a student the chance to experience things around the world they may have never seen before.  I have put a list together of sites and apps that are well worth the time to explore.  Educators can connect these virtual field trips to a lesson/unit or simply just research a site to connect students globally to what is on earth.  All of these site are FREE, so enjoy!

  1. Mars Panorama – Curiosity Rover
  2. Smithsonian National Museum of Nature History
  3. Ellis Island
  4. Tour de France
  5. Arctic Adventure
  6. Global Trek
  7. Google Lit Trips
  8. Hershey’s Factory
  9. Le Louvre
  10. Mt. Everest
  11. Panoramas of the world
  12. White House
  13. 3D Photo Tours on Google Maps
  14. Space Weather Media Viewer
  15. Grand Canyon
  16. 8 Wonders of the Solar System
  17. Sistine Chapel
  18. Lincoln Memorial
  19. Charles Darwin
  20. John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum
  21. Lascaux Caves in France
  22. Titanic Database (app)
  23. San Antonio Missions Virtual Tour (app)
  24. Fort Laramie (app)
  25. Mount Rushmore Virtual Tour (app)


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