iTunesU is a great, FREE course developer from Apple that allows any educator the ability to teach courses like never before.  Click on the image to the right for the link to

download iTunesU onto your iPad.  Any educator can put their curriculum online with iTunesU.  With iTunesU Course Manager classroom become experiences for students.  With the iTunesU app students can access all materials, apps, notes, posts, and other resources that the teacher decides important for the course.  I create a professional learning course on iPads with apps, videos, notes, posts, and even an embedded iBook in less than a weekend.  If I was in the classroom and my students had access to iPads I would definitely be using this teaching tool.  As an educator you get 20GB of space to create your courses FREE!  My first courses was less than 50MG so there is plenty of space to create what you want.  Here is a step by step course builder outline to get you started –> iTunesU Course Creation (PDF)

Also, I have included below some great, free 4th grade elementary iTunesU courses to check out for reference.  The Title along with the books image is linked.

4th Grade: Solar System

by Boyne City Public Schools

4th Grade: Underground Railroad

by Boyne City Public Schools









4th Grade: Ecosystems Around the World

by Boyne City Public Schools









Finally, below is a iTunesU course that takes you through the  “how to” of iTunesU.

Creating iTunes U Courses

by Cedars School of Excellence




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