3 Elementary Classroom Resources That I Used

Here are some of the resources I used weekly, if not daily, with my 3rd grade students last year.


The first resource is Kidblog.  Kidblog is a safe and simple way to get all of your students blogging.  Students use a username and password that the teacher controls and has access to any individual student blog.  I created a class blog called Mr. Rexine’s Master Creators and we used iPads and computers to write posts about certain ideas or current events.  Blogging is just a 21st century way to journal.  The same concept applies but students are creating a digital document and students can comment/collaborate with each other on blog posts.  This also help my 3rd graders use a keyboard and how to use correct punctuation with each post.  Kidblog has a new app that is available for students to use on their iPads.


My second resource is online-stopwatch.  Online stopwatch is a very simple web tool that uses a countdown clock to keep students accountable and on task.  I had this on my web browser all the time.  Students would have to get certain tasks complete before the time expires.  This was most of the time used during clean up and moving from one activity to another.  By giving a countdown, students had choices to what they wanted to get done before we started our next task.
Finally, Adventure to Fitness is a great site that gives your students that ability to exercise during the regular school day.  I used this a lot during state testing.  Students would get so sick of just sitting so this program gives a high energized break that gets the blood pumping to the brain.  I also used this just to mix up the day and give students a chance to get up and move a bit before more after a lesson.  This site is also great for rural schools that do not have access to a gymnasium and need to create an active atmosphere.



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